SoftStrips™ Covers


SoftStrips™ Covers

Convenient for Staff, Comfortable for Patients

Thermoplastic masks are invaluable tools to ensure precise radiation during head and neck cases; however, jagged edges around the eye, mouth and/or nose holes can create discomfort during treatment. That’s why IZI Medical Products created SoftStrips™ Covers as an invaluable adjunct to quality radiation therapy. They have a cushioned, adhesive-backed material that is easy for therapists to apply and comfortable for patients to wear. They adhere throughout an eight-week course of treatment without deterioration.

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Product Benefits

Lateral slits every half inch provide excellent fit around curves
Split backing for easy application
Special adhesive and rugged fabric ensure durability
Cushioned for patient comfort and safety

Product Specifications

1” (2.5cm) wide adhesive tape
Each roll is 144” long
Split backing
Lateral slits spaced at 1/2” intervals