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Thermoplastic Masks

IZI Medical Products provides Violet® Thermoplastic Masks for fast, comfortable immobilization during radiotherapy of any body part—including the head and head/neck/shoulders. These masks improve fit by becoming transparent when soft. They are available in a variety of thicknesses, perforation types, and apertures for virtually any radiotherapy need.

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IZI Medical Products introduces MOLDCARE Pillows, an advanced molding technique to comfortably immobilize patients during radiation therapy. A choice of six sizes accommodates virtually all patient treatment needs. These pillows offer customizable forms that quickly and easily mold patient posture to the exact position needed for treatment. They require only a light misting of water, about 20 minutes of patient time and 20 minutes to dry. When treatment is finished, the MOLDCARE Pillow can be shrunk using an autoclave for easy disposal.

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I.Z. PORT® Skin Markers

Successfully used by thousands of medical centers, our I.Z. PORT®Skin Markers satisfy providers and patients alike. Consisting of a set of markers that outline the treatment field, these markers have a clear backing and split liner that make them easy to apply. Once applied, their thin, accurate lines improve treatment precision. Their ability to remain in place for seven to ten days eliminates the need to re-mark patients and saves time. These markers are also hypoallergenic with no messy ink to enhance patient comfort, and on a clear backing for precise application.

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