X-MARK™ Gold Fiducial Markers & X-MARK™ Ultra Fiducial Markers


X-MARK™ Gold Fiducial Markers &
X-MARK™ Ultra Fiducial Markers

More Visibility and Information with Fewer Needle Sticks

The X-MARK™ Gold Fiducial Marker is a powerful new tool, engineered to provide features never before available on an elongated fiducial marker. Designed for higher visibility and greater stability in soft tissue, the X-MARK™ lets you target tumors with confidence. Its enhanced visibility and length is ideally suited for image fusion and daily patient positioning. X-MARK’s™ unique safety guide wire and band design eliminate fears of compression or elongation. Proven effective worldwide, it is the most economical elongated marker available for IGRT and IMRT.

Designed with alternating large and small bands, the X-MARK™ Ultra further maximizes texturing and tissue integration. It delivers a 25% greater ultrasound signal, ideal for trans-abdominal applications.

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Product Benefits

Gold preserves cross sectional density and visibility during flexing
Reference points at both ends provide twice as much information as one seed
Stable in tissue

Product Specifications

99.95% pure gold
Sold individually (loose seed) or in sterile, pre-loaded needle
Available in 0.45mm, 0.85mm and 1.15mm widths
Choice of 1cm, 2cm or 3cm lengths