Comprehensive Care. Cost-Effective Products.

Our streamlined process and reputation for reliability are why IZI Medical Products remain trusted by medical professionals and healthcare administrators in more than 2,500 medical facilities. We service a number of the most elite medical centers in the United States, as well as 50 countries worldwide including Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Our medical facility partners include large hospitals, small clinics and doctor's offices, as well as urgent care centers. We recognize that regardless of size, a medical facility needs to manage its costs while simultaneously striving to provide the quality level of care its doctors and their patients desire. Balancing the quantity of patients seen per day with the amount of quality time each patient receives is no small feat. Additionally, the longer a procedure takes, the more uncomfortable the patient.

At IZI Medical Products, we help alleviate the need to choose between quantity and quality because our products have been proven to enhance accuracy and reduce procedural time, therefore giving patients a better overall experience, while enabling institutions to service a higher volume of patients in a shorter period of time. Additionally, our diverse product line includes many products that can be used across multiple disciplines, increasing cost-savings and overall value — an added bonus for procurement departments