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Aug 11, 2013 —

Needle Guides

Needle Guides are used to increase accuracy and decrease procedural time when performing CT-guided biposies and pain management injections. These flat, self-adhesive markers aid in needle angle and entry site by providing a clear, accurate reference point with no spray artifacts.

Threaded Spherz

Threaded Spherz are sterile, one-time-use passive reflective markers used to aid registration and instrumental tracking during image guided surgery procedures. Threaded Spherz are used with and image guided surgery system using threaded mounts.

X-MARK™ Gold Fiducial Markers

IZI is excited to launch a new product partnership with ONC Solutions. X-MARKis an elongated gold fiducial marker that provides accuracy, stability in soft tissue, and greater visibility in CT, MR, Portal, and Ultrasound.

IZI is offering special trial pricing and bulk pricing options for this new product. X-MARK’s accuracy and competitive pricing make it a good fit with IZI, who always seeks to deliver quality and value. X-MARK features a 99.95% gold construction and unique snake-like design. Its structure enables it to flex with soft tissue and it will not unravel like other coil-style markers can.

Since it is longer than a standard fiducial, fewer markers can be used, thus minimizing the number of needle sticks necessary. Additionally, the innovative design greatly reduces bending problems associated with the injection process as compared to other linear soft tissue markers.

IZI Gold Fiducial Markers

IZI Gold Fiducial Markers are implantable markers used in IMRT, CRT, and IGRT treatment to provide real-time accurate localization of the treatment volumes. These markers are a necessity during cases where the treatment volume moves with respect to external skin markings. IZI Gold Fiducial Markers can be used in soft tissue cases like the prostate, liver, and lung. IZI offers the markers in sizes of 1.2mm x 3.0mm and 1.2mm x 5.0mm. Placement needles are available in 20cm and 30cm sizes.