Indicator® Radiolucent Markers


Indicator® Radiolucent Markers

Cost-effective Markers That Promote A Quick, Effective Diagnosis

IZI Medical Products designed our Indicator® Radiolucent Markers for Mammography with a special pink ink that is radiolucent. Their flat, radiolucent design prevents tissue indentation while facilitating a quick, accurate diagnosis by eliminating artifacts and revealing underlying pathology. The double pull tabs and perforated lines make them easy to apply and remove.

Our markers come in a choice of sizes and shapes—including dots for nipples, circles for moles, triangles for palpable masses and lines for scars—to provide the flexibility and accuracy you need. As an added benefit, these markers are disposable and cost effective.

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Product Benefits

Unique pink, radiolucent design
No artifacts or tissue indentation
Clear adhesive backing permits exact placement
Variety of shapes and sizes for all imaging needs
Flat design
Double pull tabs

Product Specifications

115 dots, circles or triangles per package
Lines are perforated every 2” for easy use
Choice of 3 line widths from 0.8mm to 2.5mm