Multi-Modality Fiducial Markers


Multi-Modality Fiducial Markers

The Only Fiducial Marker Validated For Image-Guided Surgery

Our flat, donut-shaped markers are used in image-guided surgery to provide a precise correlation between the patient and their scanned images (CT and MRI). The unique design is preferred by health institutions around the world because they adhere flawlessly to the skin, show up clearly on all imaging modalities and prevent any distracting artifacts. Another key benefit that patients specifically will appreciate, our soft hydrogel construction will not cause the painful skin indentations that are common among other rigid-design markers.

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Product Benefits

Clear and accurate reference points for any scan – CT and MRI
No tissue indentation, artifacts or distortions
Easy patient re-registration
Center hole enables patient marking
Softer design for patient comfort
Appears on all MRI sequences including fat-suppression scans
Does not melt or leak onto the patient

Product Specifications

15.0mm outer diameter
3.5mm thickness
Plastic casing with medical-grade adhesive backing

Available in 4 types: Fiducial (MM3002)

  • 4.3mm central axis hole

  • 2.0mm center hole fits pen tip