ColdCare™ Pack


ColdCare™ Pack

Providing Convenient, Long-lasting Cold Therapy

ColdCare™ Packs are convenient, low-profile gel pads that provide effective pain relief for up to 3 times longer than ice or chemical packs. ColdCare™ Packs fit discreetly beneath clothing to deliver soothing pain relief. Patients may also refreeze for repeated use.

The ColdCare™ Packs are ideal for patients to use after breast biopsies as they provide long lasting pain relief, and has utility in other areas of mammography as well as interventional radiology and ultrasound.

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Product Benefits

Provides 30 – 45 minutes of soothing pain relief
Can be worn under clothing without being noticed
Gel pads conform to the body even when frozen
Easy-to-clean surface
Latex free

Product Specifications

ColdCare™ Packs (CP1002)
3” Diameter Gel packs