Multi-Modality Markers


Multi-Modality Markers

Clear, Accurate Reference Points for Radiation Therapy and Radiology

IZI Medical Products designed our series of Multi-Modality Markers to provide a clear and accurate reference point on any type of scan. Made of a hydrogel component with a medical grade adhesive, they appear as a bright object on CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, PET and x-Ray scans and can be seen on all MRI sequences. These versatile markers attach securely and detach easily. Our Radiology/Radiation Therapy Marker has an inner center hole that permits hypodermic needle passage, while our Nuclear Med/PET Marker has a well used for injecting a radionuclide with a conventional hypodermic needle.

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Product Benefits

No tissue indentation
No artifacts
Clear, accurate reference point identification
Visible in all modalities
Does not melt or leak
Size and shape are ideal for small areas

Product Specifications

50 markers per jar
15mm outer diameter
3.5mm thick
Available in 3 types:
PET/Nuclear Medicine (MM3003)*

  • Liquid-containing center well for injection of short-life radionuclide

Radiology/RT (MM3005)

  • 2mm inner center hole for hypodermic needle

MRI/CT (MM3007)

  • 15mm disc shaped marker