ShadowForm® Markers


ShadowForm® Markers

A Better Way to Outline Pelvic Soft Tissue

IZI manufactures disposable ShadowForm® Markers to outline pelvic soft tissue during simulation and CT planning. Patients appreciate the fact that they’re soft, smooth, and latex-free while providers like their accuracy and disposability. Safer for high risk patients because there is no cross-contamination. Available for both rectal and vaginal use, these markers are highly flexible and include a T-bar handle that can easily be removed to allow for barium insertion.

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Product Benefits

Available in rectal and vaginal markers
Materials promote patient comfort and provide ease of use
Easy barium insertion thanks to removable T-bar handle
Rectal markers offer excellent measurability
Prevent Cross Contamination
Visible on any X-Radiation Modality

Product Specifications

10 markers per box
1cm intervals on rectal markers
Vaginal markers (SF5001) 18cm long
Rectal markers (SF5002) 38 cm long(SF5003) 10cm long