Threaded Spherz® Passive Retro-Reflective Markers


Threaded Spherz® Passive Retro-Reflective Markers

Passive Reflective Markers for Wireless Tracking

Our sterile reflective markers transform and enhance workflow during image-guided surgical procedures. Providing auto-registration and localization of anatomical structures, Spherz® allow you to wirelessly track the position and orientation of any device from the frame of reference. While Spherz® are small, they can have a significant impact on O.R. efficiency and improve patient care. Moreover, their unique visibility under both x-Ray and CT provide for added safety.

Threaded Spherz® are used with Brainlab® image-guided surgery (IGS) systems and other IGS systems using threaded posts.*

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Product Benefits

Ready-to-use sterile markers
Disposable, one-time use
Wireless tracking of any device or object
Aids auto-registration and localization of anatomical structures
All Spherz® are visible under x-Ray and CT for added safety

Product Specifications

Threaded Spherz®
Available in packages of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 90
Shipped in protective, plastic clamshell
Custom packaging available


*Brainlab® is a registered trademark of Brianlab® AG. IZI Medical Products, LLC is not affiliated with Brainlab, and IZI Medical Products’ Threaded Spherz® have not been endorsed by Brainlab®. For almost a decade, IZI Medical Products’ Spherz® have provided pinpoint accuracy in over 800,000 cases worldwide.