Blazer® Vertebral Augmentation System

Blazer® Vertebral Augmentation System

The Blazer-C Vertebral Augmentation System is a device used in minimally invasive vertebral augmentation procedures that can be performed in a spine specialist’s office or in a hospital setting.

The Blazer-C System is indicated for the treatment of pathological compression fractures of the vertebral body that result from osteoporosis, benign lesions, or malignant lesions, by creating channels in the existing spinal bone structure for the flow of bone cement.

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Blazer Kit & Accessories

Blazer-C Vertebral Augmentation Kit includes:

  • Blazer-C Vertebral Augmentation System

  • Radiopaque Bone Cement

  • Mixing and Injection System


  • 10G Introducer (Trocar Tip)

  • 10G Introducer (Bevel Tip)

  • Bone Drill (11G)