Kiva® VCF Treatment System

Kiva® VCF Treatment System

The Kiva System is a novel implant-based solution for vertebral augmentation and a departure from balloon kyphoplasty, making it the first new approach to the treatment of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) in over a decade. In three Level I/II clinical studies, the Kiva System was shown to meet or exceed the performance of ballon kyphoplasty.

For the first time, Kiva allows a treating physician to deliver (through a transpedicular approach) an implant with a predictable structure. The implant also functions as a reservoir to contain and direct the flow of cement. It is indicated for use in the reduction and treatment of spinal fractures in the thoracic and/or lumbar spine from T6-L5. It is intended to be used in combination with the IZI Vertebral Augmentation Cement Kit.

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Kiva Products

Kiva System Kits

First Fracture Kits

  • KIV2100: Kiva VCF Treatment System, Right, First Fracture Kit

  • KIV2200: Kiva VCF Treatment System, Left, First Fracture Kit

Kiva Accessories a la Carte

  • PLT2100: Kiva Pilot, Right

  • PLT2200: Kiva Pilot, Left

  • ACC5225: Kiva Bone Drill

  • ACC5350: Kiva Ultraflex Cement Needle Kit

  • ACC5270: Kiva Introducer Set

Cement and Mixers

  • VAK1800: Vertebral Augmentation Cement Kit For Use With Kiva


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