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IZI Gold Fiducial Markers

IZI Medical Products provides all the marking tools you need to better verify localization and reduce your number of fractions. Take our top-selling IZI Gold Fiducial Markers, which enhance accuracy and efficiency during radiation therapy. These implantable markers are used in IMRT, CRT, and IGRT treatment to provide real-time, accurate localization of the treat- ment volumes. Used in soft tissue cases such as the prostate, liver, and lung, these markers are essential whenever the target may move during and between treatments relative to external skin markings.

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X-MARK™ Gold Fiducial Markers & X-MARK™ Ultra Fiducial Markers

The X-MARK™ Gold Fiducial Marker is a powerful new tool, engineered to provide features never before available on an elongated fiducial marker. Designed for higher visibility and greater stability in soft tissue, the X-MARK™ lets you target tumors with confidence. Its enhanced visibility and length is ideally suited for image fusion and daily patient positioning. X-MARK’s™ unique safety guide wire and band design eliminate fears of compression or elongation. Proven effective worldwide, it is the most economical elongated marker available for IGRT and IMRT.

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IZI Medical Products is pleased to introduce the FlexiMarc fiducial marker. The first of its kind, this implantable marker produces a unique non-biological node based projection. The FlexiMarc combines 99.99% pure, biocompatible, gold connectors and 3mm long gold nodes. Unlike regular linear or coiled markers, FlexiMarc has nodes that inhibit migration and are easily recognized by the human eye and IGRT software.

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