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Osteo-site® Needles

Ergonomic handle design of the cannula enabling positive experience and maximum performance, radiolucent handle which provides an unobstructed view during introduction into bone, ensuring accurate needle placement, outer cannula is marked with 1 cm increments in order to help guide and gauge depth, outer cannula has a sharpened cutting tip to maintain access for biopsy and infusion when inner stylet is removed, the sharp diamond- tipped stylet facilitates easy placement into the periosteum and bone cortex, the 30° side-beveled stylet for minor redirection of needle during introduction, certain sets include a 20 cm radiolucent needle-holder

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Needle Guides

IZI Medical Products’ specially designed Needle Guides reduce procedure time and increase precision in CT-guided pain injections and biopsies. These flat, self-adhesive markers aid in determining needle angle and entry site by providing a clear, accurate reference point with no spray artifacts. IZI Needle Guides are used by neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and interventional radiologists at leading health institutions around the world.

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ColdCare™ Pack

ColdCare™ Packs are convenient, low-profile gel pads that provide effective cold therapy for up to 3 times longer than ice or chemical packs. ColdCare™ Packs fit discreetly beneath clothing to deliver soothing pain relief. Patients may also refreeze for repeated use.

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