The New Standard for Gold Fiducial Markers

IZI Medical Products is pleased to introduce the FlexiMarc fiducial marker. The first of its kind, this implantable marker produces a unique non-biological node based projection. The FlexiMarc combines 99.99% pure, biocompatible, gold connectors and 3mm long gold nodes. Unlike regular linear or coiled markers, FlexiMarc has nodes that inhibit migration and are easily recognized by the human eye and IGRT software.

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Product Benefits

Uses node technology for better visibility
Specifically shaped to prevent migration
Available in 2 or 3 node configurations
Multiple diameters and needle gauges to meet your needs
Visible in TRUS, BAT, Portal, MRI, CT and x-Ray
99.9% Gold

Product Specifications

0.9mm diameter with 18 GA needle
1.2mm diameter with 17 GA needle
Available in 1cm and 2cm lengths
Nodes are 3mm in length