Fast, Accurate Modeling of Patient Posture in Radiotherapy

IZI Medical Products introduces MOLDCARE Pillows, an advanced molding technique to comfortably immobilize patients during radiation therapy. A choice of six sizes accommodates virtually all patient treatment needs. These pillows offer customizable forms that quickly and easily mold patient posture to the exact position needed for treatment. They require only a light misting of water, about 20 minutes of patient time and 20 minutes to dry. When treatment is finished, the MOLDCARE Pillow can be shrunk using an autoclave for easy disposal.

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Product Benefits

Highly precise reproduction, preservation, and immobilization of posture
Use for head, neck, chest, trunk and pelvis
Comfortable and secure fit
Patients stay dry
Fast and convenient to use
Require minimal time and space
High permeability for radiation
Reduced waste

Product Specifications

Available in 6 sizes:

  • 20cm x 15cm, 25cm or 45cm

  • 60cm x 40cm or 60cm

  • Trapezoid: 5cm upper base x 58cm lower base x 65cm high

Manufactured from polystyrene beads and hydraulic urethane resin
Smaller sizes set in 12-17 minutes; larger sizes set in 15-22 minutes
Low specific gravity with CT value of 800 is optimal for CT simulator