I.Z. PORT® Skin Markers


I.Z. PORT® Skin Markers

The Most Accurate, Efficient Alignment Markers for RadiationTherapy

Successfully used by thousands of medical centers, our I.Z. PORT®Skin Markers satisfy providers and patients alike. Consisting of a set of markers that outline the treatment field, these markers have a clear backing and split liner that make them easy to apply. Once applied, their thin, accurate lines improve treatment precision. Their ability to remain in place for seven to ten days eliminates the need to re-mark patients and saves time. These markers are also hypoallergenic with no messy ink to enhance patient comfort, and on a clear backing for precise application.

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Product Benefits

Durability saves time and prevents re-marking
Thin, accurate lines for precise treatment
Bright blue ink is perfect for all skin types and easy to view
Water resistant
Sticker-like design is ideal for children

Product Specifications

Lines (IZ1003)

  • 150 lines per package

  • 2.0 mm wide x 4.5cm long (0.08” x 1.75”)

Isocenters (IZ1004)

  • 300 crosses per package

  • 1.4mm (0.06”)